Pro Series FM 60" Backboards

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The American Eagle Pro Series FM line of hoops is available with your choice of a regulation 72" backboard or a 60" backboard.  Both backboard options are only available with a 36" overhang. The overhang refers to the distance the backboard extends from the face of the pole when the rim is set at 10' above the playing surface.

Pro Series

​Front Mounted Adjusters


Located on the front side of the pole between the upper and lower arms, front mounted goals are adjusted from the ground using a removable stainless steel crank handle. Front mounted goals are perfect for installations against fences, garages, tight property lines or any other obstruction.  We can even fabricate a custom short pole for installation behind a retaining wall.  *Custom short poles are available at no additional cost, however they do require up to a 3 week lead time for production.  Call for details.

Pro Series FM 72" Backboards

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